Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

presso Yan su Dec 17, 2019

Since the Christmas and the New Year 2020 are coming soon, we will contiue to offer the 8%OFF discount for you guys. 

Learned that Christmas in your country is as important and lively as Chinese Spring Festival. Before Christmas, every household will dress up their homes and prepare for the annual Christmas. During the Chinese New Year, we will also decorate our homes and welcome festive and important festivals with a more festive atmosphere.

On Christmas Day, you will be the Santa Claus of your family and friends, and give them your carefully prepared gifts as good wishes; you will quietly put the children's red socks in their favorite gifts and bring them They were pleasantly surprised.

On the day of the Chinese New Year, adults will prepare lucky money for family and friends as a good wish for family and friends.

Could I know what kind of gifts you will prepare please?

If you like, all VASCHY products could be one of the gifts you could prepare.

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