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VASCHY - Unzip Your Life!

Many people argue that style and travel don’t match. They believe that practicality and functional design cannot be combined with impeccable style. Many people really believe it. I don’t.

Designed For The Stylish Traveler!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ken Lam and I’m the founder of VASCHY! Ever since I was young, I have been in love with fashion. I was doodling bags and t-shirt designs on my school notebooks and I would constantly raid my mother’s and father’s closet in order to re-create my own fashion shows. After graduating from college, I discovered another passion, backpacking. Leaving your troubles behind you and exploring the great outdoors has become my second nature.

One day, as I was hiking with my friends, it hit me! Why not combine my two passions and create a line of stylish, ergonomic and beautiful bags and accessories for active people?

Pack Your VASCHY Bags & Let’s GO!

Our goal is to offer everyone the chance to own high-quality, stylish and affordable bags and accessories that mix an everyday casual look with an adventurous practicality. And that’s exactly why we have scoured the country, in order to find the best materials, most ethical manufacturers and highest-quality fabrics.

We want people who carry our backpacks and bags to feel confident, energized and inspired. The VASCHY motto is #LIFEUNZIPPED and we believe in creating long-lasting memories together!

What Makes VASCHY So Special?

We all have two sides. The busy, professional side, when we need to get things done, and the fun-loving,adventurous side, when we are ready to embark on unforgettable adventures. Our bags and accessories are here to bridge those two sides and offer you an unparalleled experience. We have invested time, effort and love into our designs, in order to help make your brief moments of fun as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

Re-Activate Your Inner Passion For Adventure!

Why settle for boring and cheaply-made travel backpacks or bags when you can have a trendy, timeless classic and functional backpack that will make your adventure 100% easier and more fun?

We want you to abuse our backpacks. We want you to go on long hikes, exhausting backpacking trips, climb that mountain, cross that exotic trip from your bucket list, go on a camping trip with your family and get lost in the beauty of nature. And you can rest assured that your VASCHY backpack will always be there with you! 

What Are You Waiting For? Re-Discover Your Own Passion For Fashion & Adventure Here!

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