Celebrating Thanks-Giving Day

presso Yan su Nov 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Day  to you guys.

How to celebrate it please?

Learned that Many cities hold large festivals or parades to honor Thanksgiving. That sounds lively and spectacular.

At the same time, people will have different ways of celebrating. Many people have different ways of celebrating this day. Some have a hearty dinner with their family, among which the roast turkey is the most famous and delicious. At the meal, many families observe the ritual of going around the table to express what each member is thankful for. Some family members will travel long distances to attend this yearly reunion.

Some will go on holiday with family or friends and enjoy the joy of Thanksgiving holiday.They can enjoy the beautiful scenery together and enjoy delicious food together during the travel. How wonderful.


At VASCHY , we celebrate this Thanksgiving Day by seting a 10% Black Friday discount on our products.Then you could buy your favorite bags at a discounted price and give it to family and friends as a Thanksgiving gift. You could enter this discount code: Black-Friday-10% OFF when you checkout. If there is any question in using it, please feel free to contact me.

Could I know the way which you celebrate the thanksgiving day please?


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