Vaschy Children Serial

por MINGHUI LIN en Feb 12, 2019

With cutest print, Vaschy children serial captures the spirit of imagination and fashion, is light weight and safe for kids!

At Vaschy, we believe that parenting in style is possible. Our collection is designed to provide families with smart and stylish solutions to everyday parenting challenges. From multi-purpose designs that empower and chic prints that inspire that raise consciousness, we've reinvented practical luxury for modern families around the world while remaining true to our core vision of keeping things simple. Vaschy products are made with the highest quality workmanship, machine washable fabrics and safe for baby. For the children serial, we design three main products for preschooler and child. 

1. Vaschy Preschool Toddler Backpack

The Vaschy Preschool Toddler Backpack provides a way for kids to proudly take responsibility for their favorite toys, blankets or books.

Inspired by the artwork of a loving artist, our exclusive collection channels her spontaneous use of color and childlike sense of wonder. The collection of the kids backpack captures the spirits of imagination and fashion which inspire your little one to own their dreams.

The children backpack varies in six kinds of pattern, including dinausor, flamingos, astronaut, fruits, unicorn and black & red. For the best selling pattern, we also provide large size for different age kids. It features easy to open and close zipper tags, a main zippered pocket, two side pocket for water and milk, top loops for storage and other carrying options.

2.  Vaschy Lunch Box Tote Bag 

The Vaschy Lunch Box is insulated by neoprene. It is PVC and lead-free. It is made of 4.5mm thick neoprene will preserve your food’s cold or hot temperature for up to 4 hours. It features with detectable shoulder strap,you can carry it in hand,in the arm or cross over your shoulder with the removable shoulder strap.

This Vaschy lunch bag has 10 pattern for chosen, neither girls or boys, they will find the pattern they love! 

3. Vaschy Versatile Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag 

The versatile insulated lunch cooler bag is made from water-resistant polyester fabric and features a square shape with an insulated interior and a vinyl lining for easy cleaning and wiping. Heavy-Duty Polyester Aluminum food-safe lining is not only durable,tear-resistant but also easy to clean .The interior has high density thermal insulation to keep food and drinks cold or hot for hours.

This cooler lunch bag is varies in three patterns, including astronaut, unicorn and dinosaur. 


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